Worn to death

I mi evige jakt på veven etter inspirasjon, fann eg desse fantastiske bileta av 'Van's' som er avgått med døden. Under kvart foto finnast det beskriving av kva opplevingar og bruksområder eigaren har hatt- og sjølvsagt kva skade skoa har pådrege seg igjennom alle åra som trufast fottøy.

Her er mine favorittar:

"Greg Jackson
Vulcanized in Green.
Born: 2009
Enjoys: Skating - Partying - Drunken walks home.
Modifications: About 10 new laces on one shoe.
Served in: Hevy Fest - Glastonbury - East Coast of Australia.
Condition: Left shoe dead. The left side ruined and the metal lace holes worn down from grip tape. Both back sides torn open & no grip on the soles. Smell reasonably good. Troopers"

"Daniel Braithwaite
These Vans saw me through an entire hitch-hike from Calais to Morocco. Glued and re-glued, these bad boys were some of the most comfortable and reliable shoes I ever bought. Had some amazing times out in these shoes (gigs, festivals, travelling, etc) but it is the definitely the sticky situations these shoes got me through that I remember the most. I remain utterly heartbroken about wearing them to death, but they served me well and were worth every penny. They will be my valentine this year for sure"

"Sam Whitelaw, Hats off to you
Vans Authentic in black and white.
Born: April 2011
Enjoys: Making contact with skateboards, party's, long socks, long romantic walks on the beach and candle lit dinners.
Modifications: New laces when the last ones broke.
Served in: Australia, New South Wales and many skate parks across the nation.
Condition: Absolutely dead, unwearable. No other way of putting it"


  "Hannah Kelly
Having to dry out my Vans after some torrential rain in Tanzania. Sadly, amidst the mould, dirt, stench and other general grime that came without electricity and constant water these puppies didn't get to come home with me. May they rest in peace"

"Christina Fontaine
My mum has attempted to throw these out on many occasions and my boss was so distressed about the state of my footwear he bought me a new pair on a trip to the US last year but I just can't let these go!"

"Jessica Lees, nice work
Born: 2009, I think, I had a pair that looked worse, but mum found them and chucked them (thanks mum).
Served in: They've been on three continents, more gigs and festivals than I can remember.
Condition: The soles are so thin you can feel every pebble. The gaping hole on the right shoe, from when it got caught on my bike peddle, continues to get bigger, nice and airy in sum...
mer but not so nice when it unexpectedly buckets. Same goes for the back of both shoes, ever-widening holes. But, they've never been comfier, and I will continue to wear them until even duct tape is no longer a feasible option, or the smell becomes unbearable. Either/or"

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14.feb.2012 kl.23:15

Love it!

Maria amarni

15.feb.2012 kl.00:10

Hei hei!! :-)

Har du husket å delta i trekningen av en I pad 2 forresten?

Du kan også få blogg innleggende dine publisert på forsiden til news 2 post avisen. Dette vil da gi deg flere lesere :)

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Ha en fin kveld!

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Frøken Fjong

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